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To our garden! TREEBROS are cute lil pixel dudes that are planted in their colorful pots and each one has a plant or a tree growing out of them. Total of 9999 brothers exist on the planet and each treebro is super unique, digitally generated from a huge number of 1053 traits, from 257 billion possibilities!

Some bros are rare but every bro is on a mission to cool the planet by reducing CO2 footprint. They are currently living on POLYGON blockchain following ERC-721 standard and are hosted on IPFS.

Find your soul TREEBRO

TREEBROS NFT have a huge collection of 77 different plants and trees that exist on the planet. Just like in real world, some are rare, some are special to a country, some give you good luck, some set the mood, some give you food, some give you out of the world experience etc..!

Plant a seed by minting and find out what is your soul treebro! Or grab your favourite treebro that best fits your soul from OpenSea! Or get the treebro that is a special symbol of your country as we have 52 national iconic plants and trees, checkout this list!



Developer TreeBro
Crypto Maniac, Fulltime coder, Goes out of the room sometimes for food.
Designer TreeBro
Dreams in colors and spirals. Drinks more coffee than water. Have pets and pet plants.

In association with TREENATION, our partner in planting trees across the world!